Grabba mobile data capture devices

As a Grabba distributor, we can help you with your solution for mobile data capture/ verification using a smartphone such as the Blackberry, iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, as Grabba provides a wide range of technologies designed to extend the capabilities of your Smartphone or Tablets.

Grabba is the only manufacturer in the world where you can include up to 8 different data capture technologies in the one device. Now you can extend the use of your Smartphones throughout your organisation into any environment you need.

These technologies are barcode reading, Smartcard reading, RFID read and write, Fingerprint reading, Passport and ID card reading, Magnetic Stripe reader and Signature capture.

Barcode readersBarcode readersGrabba barcode readers are found in all vertical markets. It is common to see Grabba barcode readers used in retail, mobile sales forces, asset management, healthcare, education and government.

Whether you need 1D barcode reading (EAN8, EAN13, Code128, Code39, ...) or you need 2D barcode reading (QR, PDF417, GS1 Datamatrix, ...), Grabba barcode readers for smartphones are your solution.

MRZ readerMRZ (Machine Readable Zone) ICAO readerThe Grabba MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) reader will read the MRZ information from Passports, Visas and Identity cards, for applications such as scanning passports in check-in and boarding processes, identity and travel documents in law enforcement and security access controls, etc.

RFID readerRFID read and writeYou can get mobile solutions for different needs with different Grabba mobile RFID readers (LF, HF, UHF), such as animal tagging, membership applications, asset tracking, logistics, healthcare, pharmaceutical, transport ticketing, event ticketing, or any other environment where RFID technology together with mobile technology become essential partners.

Contact Smartcard readerContact Smartcard readerGrabba Contact Smartcard readers are used to read identification cards, transport cards, security cards, membership cards and stored payment cards. Common users are law enforcement, government departments, public infrastructure and payment verifiers.

Magnetic Stripe Card readerMagnetic Stripe Card readerThe advanced reading head incorporated in the Grabba Magnetic Stripe Card Reader will read 1, 2 or 3 track cards even if they are old or badly damaged, being extremely fast and reliable with a life expectancy of 1,000,000 passes. It is common to see Grabba card readers used in retail, mobile sales forces, taking payments, membership systems, time and attendance and loyalty cards.

Fingerprint readerFingerprint readerThe Grabba fingerprint reader provides high quality fingerprint images for either local or remote verification. In the base model you can store 500 users (1000 templates) locally for immediate verification. The WSQ version is best suited for remote verification tasks in financial environments and criminal justice.

The Grabba Fingerprint reader is based on Morpho’s proprietary optical technology and biometric algorithms, which are both known worldwide for their high levels of accuracy and performance. The Grabba Fingerprint Reader offers a flexible, robust, cost-effective solution for the fast and secure processing of high quality fingerprint images.

Signature captureSignature captureGrabba Signature Capture Devices allow consumer devices with either no touch screen or a capacitive touch screen to be used with enterprise signature capture applications. The Grabba signature capture panel uses a resistive style digitiser to allow input of a signature or other hand writing with a stylus.