Contact Smartcard reader

Smartphone Smartcard reader

Grabba Smartcard readers for smartphones will read contact smartcard data, however you can interact with both contact and non-contact smartcards (eg PayPass, payWave) in the one unit combining Contact smartcard reader and High Frequency RFID reader.

Grabba Contact Smartcard readers are used to read identification cards, transport cards, security cards, membership cards and stored payment cards. Common users are law enforcement, government departments, public infrastructure and payment verifiers.

Read and Write to Microcontroller

Read and Write to the card microcontroller with T=0 and T=1 protocol.

Read and Write to popular Memory cards

Siemens - SLE4432/42, SLE4418/28, Atmel - AT88SC06, AT24CO1-16, STMicroelectronics - I2C and XI2C.


Compliant with ISO/IEC 7816.

Solid insertion

When the card is inserted it is held by the reader and the card will not accidentally disconnect.

PDF Contact Smartcard Series (technical specifications)

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