RFID reader

Smartphone RFID reader

Grabba RFID readers for smartphones are used in retail, mobile sales forces, taking payments, membership systems, time, attendance and loyalty cards, access control, asset tracking, logistics, healthcare, pharmaceutical, transport and event ticketing and animal tracking.

You can combine your RFID reading/writing Grabba smartphone device with other technologies such as Barcode, Contact Smartcard, Fingerprint Reading, Signature Capture and many others, getting an unique mobile business solution.

XXX2 Series – Mifare and I-Code Reader

With High Frequency RFID Grabba devices you can check, confirm and/or write HF (13.56Mhz) RFID information using a Smartphone. These RFID devices are used in membership applications, asset tracking, logistics, healthcare, pharmaceutical, transport ticketing and event ticketing.

You can combine your reading of Mifare/I-CODE Cards and Tokens with other technologies such as Barcode, Magnetic Stripe, Fingerprint and many others. These can be ordered initially with added technologies or upgraded later to include other technologies.

Technical Specifications:

Supported Card Types Mifare® Standard, Mifare® 4k, Mifare® Pro, Mifare® Ultralight, Mifare® DESFIRE, Mifare® SmartMX, I-CODE SLI (SL2 ICS 20), I-CODE EPC (SL2 ICS 10), I-CODE UID (SL2 ICS 11), I-CODE, Tag-it™ HF-I Standard, Tag-it™, ISO14443A, ISO14443B and ISO15693 Tags Contactless payment cards such as Visa Wave, PayPass & ExpressPay iClass card serial number (CSN) only
Range 0-100 mm
Transmit Protocols Mifare, I-CODE & ISO 14443-4
Transmit Frequency 13.56 MHz
Storage Temperature -20° to +70°C

PDF Mifare and I-Code Reader Series (technical specifications)

X008 Series - UHF RFID

The Grabba Ultra High Frequency device is a powerful reader and writer for UHF tags, labels, tokens and cards.

The base model has a read range of 30cm and can read up to 750 tags per second. When you add your smartphone to the Grabba you have a very powerful UHF data collection and data writing tool for your enterprise.

With Grabba you also still have the option to add other technologies such as barcode reading in the same device.

Technical Specifications:

RFID Protocol EPCglobal Gen 2 -ISO 18000-6C (Opcional IP_X e ISO 18000-6B)
Frequencies FCC(NA, SA) 902-928 MHz
ETSI(EU, India) 865.6-867.6 MHz
Max read rate 750 tags per second
Average Read Range 30 cm

PDF Ultra High Frequency Series (technical specifications)

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